Stable fire suppression systems

Fire extinguishing systems are a common name for systems that use different media to limit or extinguish a fire in a protected area. These media can be in the form of liquid, gas or solid. The most commonly used medium for extinguishing fires is water, but various natural and chemical gases are also used. All fire extinguishing systems work on the principle of eliminating one or more of the three components that make up the cost of a fire - fuel, oxygen or heat.

Security of production and business continuity depends on the right choice of fire extinguisher. Our experts have all the necessary licenses, special software, knowledge and experience to deal with the design, delivery of equipment, installation and servicing of all types of automatic fire extinguishing systems. We use the latest environmental products that are a substitute for halon and safe for humans. We offer a complete line of firefighting technologies:

Water fire extinguishing,

Extinguishing fire with foam,

Extinguishing fires with water mist,

Extinguishing fires with CO2 gas,

Extinguishing fires with pure chemicals,

Extinguishing fires with inert gases,

Extinguishing fires in commercial kitchens,

Check the tightness (door fan test) of the fire extinguishing room.