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Profile of a company that's young at heart

Securiton LLC belongs to the Swiss Securitas Group and has been entirely at the service of technical security since its founding in 1990. With its pioneering spirit and far-sighted approach, in the past 30 years, it has since developed into an acknowledged specialist for high-standard security. Many years of partnership-based co-operation with customers, consultants, official bodies and authorities are proof of the confidence in comprehensive know-how and quality.

Today Securiton plans, installs and maintains systems for the security industry and defence technology - both in Switzerland and world-wide. As a competent consultant and recognised installer Securiton offers a wide selection of security systems for fire detection, intrusion protection, access control, video surveillance, security management systems and fire extinguishing systems all over the state.


As professional, specialized and recognized contractor, Securiton offers a broad security program:

- Fire detection

- Video surveillance

- Intrusion protection

- Access control

- Gas detection

- Security management system

- Stable automatic fire suppression systems.

Key data

55 full-time employees

Company established in 1990



Securiton delivers quality technical protection systems that meet customer needs in terms of functionality, ease of use, quality, reliability, security and long-term support through strategic partnerships with clients.

Our wish is that the satisfaction (business success) of our customers, to which we will constantly contribute, is a measure of the quality of our products.

Our new SecuriFire fire alarm system is characterized by greater reliability, functionality, ease of implementation, all for the purpose of satisfying and increasing the safety of our customers, which is our primary goal.