Natural gases

Stable inert gas fire suppression systems:

Inergen is fire suppression agent that suppresses combustion process by filling protected area, displaces air and changes gas quality in the room. Inergen reduces amount of oxygen under 15% to the level on which flammable material can’t burn, at the same time increases presence of carbon dioxide in the range from 2,5% to 4,5%, thus enabling breathing. Optimal results for fire extinguishing are achieved when concentration of oxygen in protected space is in range from 12% to 14% and concertation of carbon dioxide is between 3% and 5%.

Natural gases IG-100 - in pictures

With inert gas systems it is required to pay attention on significant increase of pressure in protected space, which requires mandatory installation of pressure release devices (overpressure valves) that can open and prevent damage in protected area.

IG100 – Nitrogen 100%