Stable fire extinguishing systems in commercial kitchens

For extinguishing fires in kitchens, we use ANSUL systems R-102 and PIRANHA, which are the world's leading fire protection systems in commercial kitchens. These systems use advanced means that guarantee fast fire extinguishing without creating dangerous fumes and with the minimum time needed to normalize the operation of the restaurant.

Stable fire extinguishing systems in commercial kitchens - in pictures

ANSUL R-102 fire extinguishing systems perform rapid extinguishing of flames and cooling of hot surfaces, with the creation of a protective layer to prevent the return of fire. With an almost natural pH value, ANSUL R-102 systems do not damage kitchen equipment and appliances.

ANSUL PIRANHA systems are the only hybrid fire extinguishing systems currently on the market. These systems use a combination of agent and water, and in many fields have outperformed conventional single-agent fire extinguishing systems. ANSUL PIRANHA systems perform rapid fire extinguishing with PRXtm liquid agent, followed by extinguishing with water that provides rapid cooling and prevents the return of fire.