Maintenance of technical protection system

System fitness for a lifetime

In an emergency, your alarm and security system must be capable of delivering full system capability in a lightning-fast response. This means all its elements must be “good to go” around the clock.

With its maintenance offer, Securiton guarantees that your alarm and security system is fully functional throughout its service life.

Properly operated and maintained, Securiton's technical protection systems have the longest life expectancy and the lowest overall cost compared to its competitors.


Enjoy the benefits

More than 50 highly trained Securiton experts are available to:

  • support in handling

  • control reviews activities

  • maintain and repair tasks.

As a Securiton contract partner, you can rely on prioritizing all your concerns.


Simply choose the right performance package for you

The maintenance contract flexibly adapts to your individual requirements, and Securiton offers exactly the right services that are appropriate and reasonable - at an easy-to-predict price. Contact us for the advice of our professionals.


Protect your investments

Professional maintenance significantly extends the life of your security system. Regular reviews and maintenance activities help prevent any damage, ensuring that your security system is top-notch at all times. Securiton guarantees that spare parts remain available for many years, while legacy products are technologically compatible with previous versions.

In our company, you can always replace parts of old systems with those that are manufactured today. Due to the high (Swiss) quality and availability of all spare parts, the lifespan of our systems is the longest.


Securiton maintenance - Benefits:

- control reviews, maintenance and repair task - they are taken care of by one source

- minimum downtime risks

- full compliance with standards and specifications prescribed by manufacturers, insurance companies and competent authorities

- prioritizing all your concerns

- long service life of embedded systems.


Preventive maintenance contract - System fitness for a lifetime

Securiton's fire and intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, access control and stable fire suppression systems provide people and their property with a reliable risk protection - especially if they are regularly and professionally serviced and checked. The preventative maintenance contract with Securiton allows you to minimize your investments and have a long-term security.

The maintenance contract guarantees that all tasks associated with your security system are performed without exception. As you do not have to worry about any of these aspects, feel free to concentrate on your core business.

Your concerns take priority.

By attending regular training courses, our experts always get the latest knowledge and, in combination with our high-tech logistics, they are ready to respond quickly to your calls.

As a Securiton contract partner, you can rely on prioritizing all of your problems.

You are always in good hands with Securiton - and that includes full compliance: We are certified to all relevant standards for security systems and their maintenance. The maintenance contract with Securiton proves and warrants to your insurance companies and authorities that you comply with all provisions of the standards and regulations.

We offer the right maintenance package for every requirement and service level, that can be customized to your requirements at any time.


Regular maintenance

Inspections and maintenance are scheduled and carried out by Securiton at regular intervals. Systematic measurements and function checks indicate the condition of your system and highlight any components that may have to be replaced. The scope of services provided depends on the type of security system. Securiton refers in such cases to the standards and guidelines as well as the recommendations of the SES (Swiss Association of Installers of Security Systems).


Replacement of rechargeable accumulators and other batteries

Batteries have to be replaced once their energy content has been depleted. Accumulators are rechargeable – however they too have a limited service life, after which they need to be replaced. Only certified products are to be used in security systems. Accumulators are charged up to their full energy content using a calibrated charging unit prior to installation. The replacement is carried out in plenty of time along with the scheduled maintenance.


Factory inspections as part of the maintenance

With time, dust accumulates inside the measuring chamber of smoke detectors, which is why they need to undergo a factory inspection every six to eight years.

These inspections may have to be scheduled at shorter intervals, depending on the ambient conditions. As part of the maintenance work, all the factory-inspected detectors in your system are re-installed and tested at the right time. The detectors removed are then cleaned at the factory, and a number of electronic elements are replaced and then tested.

The response times once a fault has been signalled are set out in your contract.


As a rule, faults are usually remedied by replacing defective system components.

  • Development, manufacture, logistics and maintenance – all from a single Securiton source

  • Ability to supply spare parts over many years (no out-of-stock orders)

  • Minimum downtime risks

  • Technological compatibility of successor products

  • Meticulous software updates

  • Secure data management from a single source - so there are no unpleasant surprises.


Software upgrade

The software used in security systems is subject to constant change. The use of standard components from the computer industry and the fact that systems are networked mean that software functions have to be adapted at short intervals. With its service releases, Securiton is able to implement minor improvements and optimise elements within a given software release (patch or hot fix). A software update involves installing a new version of the software. A software update is therefore a new variant that is based on the original software and comprises a technological innovation.



Together we specify the time frame after which your security system should be renewed, either in part or entirely. We consult with you to determine the optimum moment for replacing any system parts. The relevant costs are spread over the term of the contract, which in turn simplifies your budgeting.

Your security system will rarely be activated by an event. However it has to be operational at all times. A SecuriCare maintenance contract allows you to consistently prevent the repercussions of an increasing number of external influencing factors such as sabotage, deliberate deception or environmental incidents. As the services provided by Securiton are certified in accordance with a variety of standards, you’ll also be on the safe side financially if you ever have to make a claim. With SecuriCare you always have complete control over your costs – because they are simple to calculate.

Securiton, in accordance with the specific fire protection standards and fire protection guidelines, is accredited to conduct business…

Securiton technicians fulfil the statutory prerequisites for working on and checking low-voltage installations…


Remote access to technical systems

The quickest way of access support

We are able to remotely monitor the status of your system. With your prior approval, our experts can remotely access your technical protection systems. This enables immediate and targeted interventions in the event of technical events. These interventions are highly effective because our support specialists have access to all your system's data. RemoteAccess allows them to observe the current operating states and analyse the possible causes of an event. Moreover, they can operate and even program your system remotely. RemoteAccess also improves the effectiveness of an intervention in cases where in situ repair work on your system is required: the advance information gained about the situation means we know exactly what to expect and arrive on site knowing what we are going to do.


Optimal preparation of maintenance work

The location-independent remote access capability also proves useful for the regular inspections and maintenance work carried out on your system: our specialists know the exact requirements in advance and arrive with the right equipment and materials.

Also ideal for guiding your staff

RemoteAccess allows us to assist your staff quickly and easily: our specialists can analyse the situation and provide your staff with targeted guidance.

Guaranteed security

Unauthorised access to your system is impossible with RemoteAccess, as it is protected by a comprehensive security concept. The software and the data transmission meet strict internationally recognised security and data protection standards. The data is transmitted via a secure gateway or by means of an integrated machine-to-machine (M2M) solution, and access to your system is restricted to selected Securiton specialists, who sign in using a secure authentication procedure.

RemoteAccess logs all accesses and events, so each individual action can be fully reconstructed and all work is fully documented. All data is stored on servers in Switzerland and never forwarded to third parties.