Early smoke detection in ventilation systems

With the LRS 01 and LRS 02 Securiton is offering two systems for early smoke detection and activation of fire and smoke protection dampers.

The practical all-round solution stands out by virtue of its elaborate details. The flow-optimised two-tube air-flow system complements the reliable smoke switch technology inside a sturdy fibreglass reinforced housing. The LRS therefore guarantees maximum detection reliability in ventilation ducts, combined with unique advantages for mounting and maintenance.

smoke switch systems smoke switch system lrs - in pictures

Venturi Principle

Thanks to the 2-tube airflow system (Venturi Principle), air is continuously sucked into the measuring chamber of the LRS to be sampled. The ensures fast and dependable smoke detection.

How does the Venturi Principle work?
A relatively constant air velocity is maintained in the air duct. The bevelled outlet tube of the LRS accelerates air suction at the intake tube. The incoming air is thus sucked immediately into the measuring chamber. This guarantees fast and dependable smoke detection.


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