Fire extinguishing systems with chemical ("CLEAN" ecological) gases

Today, from the range of chemical gases, only "clean" gases are used for firefighting, which have been proven not to disturb the environment. "Clean" fire extinguishers:

- are safe for humans,

- they are not conductors of electricity and do not damage electronics - water is a good conductor and damages electronics,

- do not leave sediment after extinguishing and do not require subsequent cleaning,

- due to the quick reaction, clean agents significantly reduce the amount of smoke and soot caused by fire,

- provide three-dimensional protection, extinguishing fire where water is not able.

Fire extinguishing systems with chemical ("CLEAN" ecological) gases - in pictures

"Clean" fire extinguishers provide optimal protection in the following facilities:

- Communication facilities (IT systems / software, telecommunication centers),

- Health facilities (medical equipment, operating rooms, recording and testing equipment),

- Industrial facilities (chemical laboratories, clean-sterile rooms, control rooms, generator rooms, explosive rooms, paint shops, archives, printing houses…),

- Museum spaces (depots, microfilm archives),

- Airports (flight control, flight simulators, military vehicles, marinas, ships…).