Room airtightness test - Door fan test

The room airtightness test checks for leaks in the rooms where they are planned to be installed and where stable gas fire extinguishing systems are already installed.

Stable gas fire extinguishing systems can extinguish a fire successfully and reliably only if the required concentration of extinguishing gas can quickly fill the room and last for at least 10 minutes. The density of the extinguishing agent in the room is the decisive criterion for the fire to be extinguished reliably. In order to ensure that, it is necessary to periodically measure the tightness of the fire extinguishing space before installation and during operation.

Room airtightness test - Door fan test - in pictures

The spatial impermeability test determines the places of leakage in the extinguishing space and quickly and reliably determines the retention time of fire extinguishing means.

The test device first creates a vacuum at the front door in the extinguishing space, and later a vacuum of about 10-50 Pa. The system software determines the existing air leakage area and the expected retention time for all common extinguishing gases from the measured value of the indoor / outdoor temperature, the indoor / outdoor pressure difference and the fan flow volume.

In addition, the new guidelines require that extinguishing areas be inspected regularly.

SECURITON has certified specialists and is recommended to its customers to regularly check the tightness of rooms with built-in stable fire extinguishing systems during the regular maintenance of stable fire extinguishing systems. Call us and ask for a non-binding offer to check the tightness of the room with a stable fire extinguishing system.

Advantages of the leak test:

- Quick check of tightness in the room,

- Exact location of the leak,

- Cheap solution without trial firing of gas in the area to be protected (without consumption of extinguishing agents and without interruption of work),

- Accurate measurement of extinguishing time of extinguishing agent,

- Accurate determination of leakage area

- No inventory damage such as equipment damage (computers, machines, electronics)

- After the measurement, you receive a detailed report from us.