Heat detection systems SecuriSens LIST/d-LIST

Heat detection systems

SecuriSens LIST: line type heat detectors for use in tunnels and industrial facilities

Extremely durable and precise

Interference factors such as dust, heat, smoke or exhaust fumes hamper fire detection in harsh, aggressive environments. SecuriSens LIST line type heat detectors are immune to these effects and impress thanks to their high precision, reliability and durability.

Localisation of fires in next to no time

The SecuriSens LIST sensor cables contain highly sensitive addressed sensors whose response behaviour can be programmed individually. The sensor spacing in the cable can also be selected. The sensor resolution is 0.1 °C, which allows for extremely precise evaluations to be made. It is even possible to specify different detection areas with independent alarm thresholds and individual pre-signal thresholds on each cable, thus allowing the system to localise the alarms with a uniquely high level of precision.

Heat detection systems Heat detection systems SecuriSens LIST/d-LIST - in pictures

Extremely robust, cost-effective and user-friendly

SecuriSens LIST can be used at a temperature range of between -55 °C and (briefly) +200 °C. Thanks to their EMC shielding, flame-retardant outer sheathing and integrated strain relief, the cables are immune to interference factors and are extremely durable. Installation, programming and commissioning of the systems can all be made easily. SecuriSens LIST visualises the temperature values and events on the cable terminal processor or PC, and also offers interfaces to superordinate systems.

Two systems, one goal - maximum safety

The SecuriSens LIST system with SEC 20 sensor cable ensures maximum safety in tunnels and large areas. It is used to monitor sections of up to 3,200 meters. The SecuriSens d-LIST system with SEC 15 sensor cable is primarily used in industrial facilities and when monitoring smaller areas. It is used as an alert fire detector for sections of up to 2 x 250 meters.

SecuriSens LIST - the benefits:

  • Precise localisation of the alarm

  • Quickest possible alarm transmission thanks to highly sensitive sensors

  • Individual alarm threshold can be configured for each detection area

  • False-alarm-proof Simple installation, no maintenance required

  • VdS approval in compliance with EN 54-5 / EN 54-22, Class A1

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