Detecting fires under extreme conditions

Fires occur more often in dangerous locations - with conventional fire detectors quickly reaching their limitations. The intelligent line type heat detector from Securiton works perfectly, even under the most difficult conditions.

Whether the fully automatic monitoring of large areas, resisting corrosive gases, extreme humidity and high temperatures or differentiating between false alarms and real danger - the list of requirements for a state-of-the-art line type heat detector is both long and detailed.

SecuriSens ADW 535 heat detector - uncompromising operation

Fire detection has to be possible in all ambient conditions - not just in good weather and at room temperatures. Whether in the gas and oil industry, in chemical production facilities or vehicle storage halls, loading platforms and road tunnels, the ADW 535 comes into its own where other systems fail.

Heat detection systems Heat detection systems SecuriSens ADW 535 - in pictures

Double Tube - doubling the monitoring area

The SecuriSens ADW 535 uses a physical principle to its advantage: If the ambient temperature increases in the event of fire, the volume of heated air also expands. Air-filled sensing tubes transmit this pressure increase to a sensor in the cable terminal processor. The system triggers an alarm as soon as a defined limit is exceeded. Two sensing tubes (Double Tube) can be connected to the SecuriSens ADW 535. This means that the monitoring area is doubled and the system can be optimally adjusted according to the area and applicable installation guidelines.

Dynamic Heat Watch - sophisticated technology cannot be deceived

Securiton has decades of experience in the area of fire detection and fire alarm systems. The ADW 535 offers optimal protection from false alarms thanks to the intelligent DHW algorithm (Dynamic Heat Watch) and checks itself constantly via an integrated pressure generator.

T-based planning and configuration - good planning is half the battle

The ADW HeatCalc software tool from Securiton allows system planning at a very early stage. A floor plan is all that is needed for work to begin. The tube layout is sketched with just a few clicks of the mouse and the program assists where possible. Both a detailed report for the plant documentation and a full parts list for ordering materials are generated automatically. Every article has VdS approval.

Simple systems can be configured directly on the device without using a PC - EasyConfig will guide you here through the individual steps. The practical ADW Config software tool is used for more complex systems and application-specific adaptations. Extensive analysis functions and setting options ensure safe, cost-effective operation of your system. The uniformity of both software tools is another advantage. The device configuration calculated by ADW HeatCalc can be saved as a file directly in the device via ADW Config.

Advantages of the ADW 535:

  • Resistant to harsh outdoor conditions

  • Doubling of the available monitoring area thanks to second sensing tube

  • VdS approval for all EN 54-22 classes, plus UL and FM

  • Elimination of false alarms thanks to DHW algorithm (Dynamic Heat Watch)

  • Minimal maintenance due to fully automatic system monitoring

  • Maximum safety for man and machine

Config over Line: managing special fire detectors simply and centrally

Thanks to the unique “Config over Line” function, the ADW 535 can be conveniently configured, commissioned and maintained from the SecuriFire fire alarm control panel. The chore of accessing each device individually is thus rendered unnecessary. The existing SecuriLine eXtended provides the means for data exchange and communication.

  • Efficient, convenient and secure management of special fire detectors


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