Sprinkler fire extinguishing systems

Spray fire extinguishing systems

As soon as you are responsible for the safety of the building, the question of the best possible fire protection arises. By installing the Securiton fire extinguishing system with spray water, you reduce the risk of fire so significantly that you can relax with a clear conscience.

No matter how your building is used: we are always ready to offer you the right solution for maximum security.

Sprinkler fire extinguishing systems - in pictures

Wet sprinkler fire extinguishing systems are installed in buildings where there is no danger of frost.

Dry sprinkler fire extinguishing systems are used where there is a risk of frost or overheating. In these systems, water enters the pipe only after the sprayer "detects" the source of the fire.

Wet systems with the addition of antifreeze are used when the dry system is not suitable.

Mixed systems are installed in heated buildings with individual rooms that are threatened by frost.

Fire alarm systems use open nozzles and offer the best protection where great damage can be expected from false activation. Activation control is performed via an automatic fire alarm system.

Deluge systems are used in risk areas where a very rapid spread of fire is expected (eg chemical laboratory)

Securiton spray water fire extinguishing systems offer maximum safety and are suitable for:

- Warehouses and production halls,

- Department stores and shops,

- Shopping centers,

- Wood processing plants,

- Parking spaces,

- Museums, theaters, cinemas,

- Textile, plastic and paper processing plants,

- Homes for the elderly, schools, hotels, etc.