Foam fire extinguishing systems

In chemical and oil refining companies, water is often not suitable as a fire extinguisher. Alternatively, foam fire extinguishing systems are available.

Foam fire extinguishing systems are used where water is unsuitable as an extinguishing agent and are generally designed for a single fire protection facility.

Foam fire extinguishing systems - in pictures

Foam as a fire extinguisher can be chemical or mechanical. The latter has been used much more lately. It consists of synthetic bubbles and air-filled protein extracts. The extinguishing effect is partly suffocating and partly cooling.

Depending on the ratio of water extract to air there are:

- Heavy foaming (6-20) foaming,

- Medium foams (20-200) foaming,

- Light foaming (200-1000) foaming.

Foaming is the ratio of the volume of foam to the volume of a mixture of extract and water.