Water Fog Fire Extinguishing Systems

Safety requirements in highly sensitive rooms with a complex operating concept are constantly increasing. With such requirements, the sprinkler nozzle is no longer sufficient as the basic protection of the building.

Based on this knowledge, Securiton has perfected the use of water mist fire extinguishing systems that have been proven in a wide range of requirements.

The advantage of extinguishing fires with water mist is the extraordinary ability to extinguish fires with water, but with minimal water consumption.

Water Fog Fire Extinguishing Systems - in pictures

The most important thing for the success of firefighting is the correct design or the right choice of extinguishing agent, tailored to your special protection needs.

Securiton employs proven experts who will advise you individually in order to choose the most optimal solution.

Advantages and characteristics of water mist fire extinguishing:

- Outstanding fire protection properties,

- Low need for water for firefighting,

- Easy installation,

- Not harmful to humans and the environment,

- Little need for space.

The high pressure water mist fire extinguishing system is suitable for the protection of:

- Individual objects / machines,

- Demanding buildings / personal protection in hotels, hospitals, offices and office buildings.